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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Things bring me to tears

I can't do it all...
that is not what brings me to tears though. Knowing that I can't do it all means that I have to rely on wonderful friends and a support system to help me with what I can't do. So here is the point.

I met an amazing girl at Brave Girls Camp. Her name is Jeri Lynn.

Two words, one name. :)
and she is seriously like a soul sister to me. I told her at the first BGC that she is my white twin. And so now that is our running joke but seriously, she is a beautiful amazing girl who just doesn't have a clue how special she is. She shines kindness and compassion and I just love her.

So, what she did...

Another amazing friend Melody Ross created new logos for Scrapbook Royalty (to be elaborated on and gushed over at a later date... big news coming...) And we used scanned images and clip art to do the logos, so that meant that they needed to be vectorized. Yeah yeah, whatever that is... Well, anyway, It needed to be done and I don't know how to do it and Melody doesn't know how to do it but Jeri Lynn DOES


And when she sent me the files, i cried. I get by with a little help from my friends (and my white twin)

I can't wait to announce what my little non-profit is doing. We are growing. Some of you know about it. but just wait and see!!

And December 3rd-5th we are doing a taste of Brave Girls in San Diego!!!

Can't wait to announce the deets. So many amazing things and people in my life. I am truly a happy people!

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vkruchten said...

Elena, You have such wonderful people in your life, because, well YOU are WONDERFUL!!! Jeri Lynn is AMAZING and I cannot wait for all of your BIG announcements!

See you in a few weeks my friend!

Big Love,