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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Handmade for the Better! Handmade for Good!

We had such a good time!!

Halloween came early this year in the Scrapbook Royalty Booth at Scrapbook Expo Ontario!

how we get so much done and stay awake!

loved the bat headband Sheila was wearing!

some of the awesome volunteers

winner of the Cricut Imagine Raffle! this raffle Raised $1400!! for Charity Wings

awesome Brenda who let us crash her crop and was so amazingly sweet!

The whole booth and the volunteers were Creepy Cuties! It was so fun and so productive and we raised about $2400 in donations! Some of which will be donated to Pink Link. A wonderful organization founded by my friend Vicki Tashman. I love what they do!

And Expo fell on Tiara Friday! so I had to post a photo of myself wearing my tiara which of course I had on... and her it is... and here are the photos of my brave girl and tiara friday sistas!

Lara and Jayme

and its Tiara Friday again!!

So join our fb page "Tiara Friday- The Movement"

Lara is giving away the most beautiful piece of jewelry! I just love it! go to her blog and post! This girl is so awesome!

And I am posting Tiaras for Donations on the Charity Wings website. The box just came so hope to get it posted tomorrow!

Registration opens on Nov 1st and the first 30 peeps get a Super Awesome Sign Up Bonus!!

dont miss it!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I read this over and over...

Well, not over and over and over but I definitely go back and read my "other blog" from time to time.

It reminds me where I was and how far I have come and the struggle to get here. It reminds me that because I am human I feel pain and that is natural.

And that because I am human, I can bend and adapt to the life that I have instead of the life that I thought I was going to have.

And that because I am human, I will cry, I will feel sad, I will feel defeated but I don't have to be any of those things.

So I have been to 4 Brave Girl Camps and spent a month of my life in the last 8 months in Idaho with amazing groups of women. And because I am human, I will love them, I will miss them, and I will cherish them, and I will never never forget them.

This year was the way it was because of my experiences past present and future I loved them all!

my first camp was with these ladies right here and I learned just how much women could lift eachother up.

in the end when we had to say goodbye it was bittersweet. we had made so much progress but were all excited to go home and put what we had learned into effect

these amazing women were at the last camp I went to. I hate that I can't post every picture on here of every girl I met at camp. I HATE. that it is because of time and lack of it that I am not able to tell you about each and every one of them... they are all worth a story...

but I LOVE that the reason I have no time is because my life is so full and that it is full of getting to do charity work every single day.

The women on this pier were at the 3rd camp I went to.... It was a truly special experience... because....

I got to spend it with one of the most amazing women I have ever known. Someone that I am lucky to call my friend and my partner in Charity Wings. Someone that I have the utmost respect for and someone who I strive to be like every day.

these women were at the last camp I was at and I am soooooo in love with all of them! Participants, staff, it was just a freaking love fest! These women are going to be the light when I am in the dark. I know it.

saying good bye is never easy. But we know we will see eachother again.

I met such amazing women at this camp. young, old, all shapes, sizes, colors.. I can't imagine another place on earth where you can do this...

I can fly now.....

I can find Peace... and give it.....

I can smile....
Its been a year.
I can move forward.
I dont know where I am going
I dont know who I am
I dont know how, when, or why...
Im scared, Im scarred, and Im lonely, but at least I can fly.

This post dedicated to the amazing people I have met in the last year, some at camp, some on line, and some that just find me somehow. and mostly to Melody, Kathy and Grandma who made one month of my life this past year soooo good.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Published for the first time!

If you were following my Lucky 13 journey then you know it was an incredible one! I have one last bit of the journey to share...

We got published!! My dear friend Cheryl wrote the article and this little group of artists I assembled got a little shout out in Somerset Memories from it!

Unfortunately the credit for the page I created got switched with Michelle Van Etten's but still good!

Here are a few photos of my finished book.
This is the Cover that I made. The pages are all canvas so I used Clear Acrylic to create pages

All of the pages people created for me are amazing! My favorite page is this one (bottom) that Nan did for me. It was from my trip to Bainbridge Island, Washington. It was a turning point for me in 2009. I sent her this really dark photo that just perfectly described how I felt at that time and she used her crafty mind to make this. She turned the photo into an iron on and ironed it onto the canvas. It was genius! and yes, I took that photo of the little mushrooms :)

Some of us did an ATC swap. I used them to create a page. I used my ATC on my cover.

It was an amazing journey. I want to start another group... just need to figure out the deets!

Friday, October 15, 2010

I could just cry!

Its not a secret that I am not a detail oriented person. Accounting is one of the most anxiety inducing parts of Scrapbook Royalty/CharityWings for me. I have had this black cloud hanging over my head because we were behind on our tax filings. Even though we are a non-profit and don't owe taxes, we have to file and it has been a nightmare.

Volunteers have the best intentions when it comes to helping and the books kept being passed from one volunteer to the next. and then back to me partially done. It was horrible.


people told me that but i didn't listen.... I get it now. and my taxes are officially done!!

I would highly recommend Robert Borish if you need a great CPA.

He did not tell me to write this but I am just so grateful and this is what I felt like doing!

So- off to the post office!

I have so much more awesome stuff to blog about... maybe tomorrow :)