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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Just can't get a minute!

Celebrity Spotting :)

Do you know how these crafting inspirers are?

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Im off to CHA!

I'm at the airport waiting for my flight. I dragged two bags of stuff for CHA. I checked a huge bag that Mike from Provocraft left with me to take back to him. Handy but I think that means I will be bringing my stuff home in a cardboard box! hee hee!

Yesterday I got to spend some time with an old friend. Shelley and I went to elementary school together and all the way through HS we were close. We had a million adventures! Boys, toiletpapering houses, backyard carnivals, our parents divorces... oh my gosh, so much more! Let's just say my past is definitely tied to hers and it was wonderful! She was my best friend for many years growing up and even though she and I dont see her often I still feel completely connected to her.

She recently lost 50 lbs on a vegetarian high protein diet and she looks fabulous! I told her she was aging beautifully and she said i wasn't aging at all. ha! I wish! We joked about being closer to 40 than 30. We talked about old times and promised to scan old pictures of eachother to share. It's strange to think of a time when we didnt get before double prints! She has photos I have never seen no doubt and same here. Anyway, I am a Happy People because I have such wonderful friends!

Friday, July 24, 2009


How can it have been 5 days since I posted? So weird. I hate that as I get older time goes by so quickly!! I might be having a mid life crisis! I am almost 40 after all!!! well, I am actually 37 and my bday is in Dec so I am closer to 38 than 37! and 38 is closer to 40 than 30! Ok, enough!

But i am happy to report that I am still a HAPPY PEOPLE!! super busy and almost pulling my hair out but super happy!

Yesterday I went to Comic Con with Sheila and Amber and it was just tooooooo fun!!! I have not been in at least 10 years and it was so small compared to what it is now. This was a collectors dream come true!

We were so tired at the end of the day we took the trolley back to our car!

The one in the middle next to me is a girl. I made the mistake of calling her a boy. she laughed it off thank goodness! Could you imagine if I had really pissed her off???

Halloween came early this year! I can't believe they paid so much money to go and have people take their photo! seriously, people in costumes were stopped left and right for photo ops!

Humans? Yeah, i guess you can still call them humans :)

LOOK LOOK!! It's Vixin and Kynt from Amazing Race!! i love that show and they were super super nice!

Saw Stan Lee and Natasha Henstridge during a panel about Disney's new Time Traveler Digital Comic book. It was cool!

THIS IS TOTALLY MY EDWARD!! They are coming out with the Twilight graphic novel! I can't wait!

Scary but there was scarier!

They were part of the booth above. Lots of bloody people walking around.

Got a few fun handouts from this booth. You know we went there first!

Neil Patrick Harrris, what happend to you???


Sheila shows her wild side in one of the Wild Things' houses!

so cute! lots of skeltony things for sale

Star Wars. You know I just can't get enough of it!

kiss from Pikachu

The WB booth was really really cool!

I told Sheila the only thing I wanted from there was a Harry Potter Bag. I hope she can get one for me!! It was a really really fun event. Totally recommend! Totally going to go again next year!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Vintage Style

Who loves Vintage... Well, i didn't know i did till i got swept up into this altered art world which is totally my home now!!
I joined fun ATC swap that Ally hosted. 12 artistas and transparencies! I can't wait to see what they do!

I also posted othe Scrapbook Royalty blog about the event I was at this weekend. Quick Quotes Private Reserve.

Please go check out my post and if you are not a follower here yet.... Would love you to sign up!! And sign up on the SBR blog as a follower too! I am giving away 3 prizes...on the SBR blog for followers... one is an OTT light! Have not announced yet so do it early before you forget!!

We raised $1500 for Angel Faces Retreats. An amazing organization that helps build confidence in girls with facial disfigurements. I just love what I do and I just love being a happy people!

This is me and Stacy with Karla and her family, she is one of the many girls that have attended this wonderful retreat. She was our guest speaker and a complete inspiration.

Vintage Style

Who loves Vintage... Well, i didn't know i did till i got swept up into this altered art world which is totally my home now!!

I joined fun ATC swap that Ally hosted. 12 artistas and transparencies! I can't wait to see what they do!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

California Gift Show/Yudu

Yudu Comments

The comments on the previous post about the YuDu are hilarious!! You guys came up with some great acronyms! One of them is correct even!! I'm gonna let 'cha keep guessing for a couple more days!!

Gift Show

Went to the California Gift Show on Saturday to check it out and see Miss Vicky and Sussy! They had an adorable booth there surrounded by other adorable booths! I just love it when I get to spend time with Vicky. She lives the life of an artist and it inspires me!

I brought Vicky a late bday present that I have been saving for her. It was a set of ceramic jars for her studio kitchen with cute images on the outside. They were stamped Sears & Roebuck 1973 or something like that. Anyway, they are neat and have a clock that matched! I think she liked them. I told her not to sell them while she was there!

Vicky is a bracelet making machine! She makes danglie charm bracelets out of anything! here are my 2 new bracelets, desert plates and tea cups with fairy tale pictures on them. So cute!! I just love Them. Vicky was wearing one with vintage buttons. I had to buy some for my flowers I am making!

There was an amazing jacket there that I love love loved! But it was a little out of my budget. Sussy made it out of vintage clothes and an amazing vintage lace dress. Just beautiful! I had never heard of "Princess Pat" cosmetics before! Vicky had all these great pieces she had made from Princess Pat containers! sooo cute!


You can click on the picture to enlarge it. It says," I was going to do something to change the world today but something sparly caught my eye"
Miss Vicky loved MJ and here is her tribute collage to him. She covered it in encaustic wax. It was lovely.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Yudu is fun!! Want to win an SBR tshirt?

Last night Jennifer T and I worked the Yudu till 10:30 pm!! Making our volunteer's tshirts for CHA. I asked them to give me a tshirt and we silk screened them. It was so cool! I love the way they turned out.

Leave a comment and guess what CBY 4 SBR stands for and I will pick a winner to get their own SBR tshirt! Even if you are wrong, you will stil be entered to win :) I can't wait to see what you all come up with! Ill choose before I leave from CHA next week.

We practiced on Monday and used almost a whole bottle of ink and couldnt get it! Then after talking to Mike from Provocraft we decided to make a new screen which had its own disasters but finally got it. and here is my screen. You can see the old screen design underneath but it does not affect it at all.

Here is a bunch of practice runs we did on my rags. I am some really fancy rags now!! ;)

Here are some of the finished shirts. It was actually so fun and Jennifer and I are definitely addicted now!

My lovely friend Georgia hosted a flower making class by Deborah at her house and I was honored to be able to go play. It feels so good to get to spend a few hours just not stressing about SBR and how much needs to be done. I couldn't do the work I do with SBR if I didn't get to have these creative outlets and moments. so thank you Georgia and all the wonderful friends that were there.

I had already been making some. Remember this post?

but I loved seeing how Deborah does them and I made a whole bunch more!

The one in the middle (above pic) is my favorite.

I am still learning how to use this camera but I did, for the first time change the lens to the macro lens and it was success. so my pictures should be getting better :)

I'll be at the Quick Quotes Private Reserve this weekend hosting raffle, auction for Angel Faces , They are an amazing local charity that you have to check out! I'll also be passing out fairy fly bys to the participants!

before that I'm going to the gift show to see Miss Vicky! Will take some cool pics there I am sure! She has an awesome retreat soming up Sept 26th!!! check out her link.

Ok, back to work!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Kids classes are fun!

I had such a good time with Emily and Alexander. Emily was visiting from Taiwan and has big crush on Jean-Claude so she only pays minimal attention to me but Alexander will give me lots and lots of love and he just makes me what to squeeze him all the time! I had them over to make a book with the Disney photos we took a few days before. I kept it super simple. Board book, punches and stamps. They loved it!

We went to Disneyland with Brooke's family and I am can't tell you how awesome it was to have one of my best friends on this planet back in San Diego. She will be here for at least a couple years I hope! Dang military keeps moving her but at least they brought her back!

Monday, July 13, 2009

hot hot hot!

this was a super hot weekend and I spent it in Bakersfield which made it double hot! It was fun though. Jean-Claude's cousin was visiting with her 2 kids from France. (St Jean Pierre Du Port) in the Pyrennes Mountains, where the Tour De France is going on right now! I asked her, they do not go by her house... It was fun, her kids are at that fun age where they play with you and talk to you and laugh alot. and it is always good to catch up with Josette. Her life there is so different than ours. She lives on a farm that her husbands family has had for a long time and they sell cheese! Yes, super frenchie!

Look a the Asian Lady showing us her pictures!! Actually, these were photos on their Mom's camera and they were telling me in their adorable broken "english mixed with French mixed with Basque" all about the photos. They were so cute!!!!

Jean-Claude and his cousin Josette. An American living in France. My dream!!!

Anyway, it was fun. We ate at Woolgrowers, super yummy Basque food!!! These photos were so funny. Jean -Claude took them of th boys sitting at the bar. They start em' young in Bakersfield! And Basque country!