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Monday, July 13, 2009

hot hot hot!

this was a super hot weekend and I spent it in Bakersfield which made it double hot! It was fun though. Jean-Claude's cousin was visiting with her 2 kids from France. (St Jean Pierre Du Port) in the Pyrennes Mountains, where the Tour De France is going on right now! I asked her, they do not go by her house... It was fun, her kids are at that fun age where they play with you and talk to you and laugh alot. and it is always good to catch up with Josette. Her life there is so different than ours. She lives on a farm that her husbands family has had for a long time and they sell cheese! Yes, super frenchie!

Look a the Asian Lady showing us her pictures!! Actually, these were photos on their Mom's camera and they were telling me in their adorable broken "english mixed with French mixed with Basque" all about the photos. They were so cute!!!!

Jean-Claude and his cousin Josette. An American living in France. My dream!!!

Anyway, it was fun. We ate at Woolgrowers, super yummy Basque food!!! These photos were so funny. Jean -Claude took them of th boys sitting at the bar. They start em' young in Bakersfield! And Basque country!


Sweet Escape said...

the boys are super cute and adorable!!! Bakersfield!!?? I'm sorry..i know how hot it can get there!! but at least you got to spend time with family!!!

Pinky said...

How cute are those boys!? Love it!