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Monday, December 30, 2013

No Excuses! I need you.

Hi Friends! It's me the Traveling Princess #crazycharitygirl 
ready to ring in 2014!

Maybe you know me really really well,
maybe you are a facebook friend,
maybe you are someone that likes what I do.
and maybe, just maybe you are a member of the Charity Wings Art Center.

I am asking a favor from all of you that see how hard I work every day to create opportunities for people.

I work hard for events! tiara and all

Sometimes it is for the people who need it, 
Some of the sweetest people I have had the pleasure of knowing from Teri Inc.

and other times, it is for the people who need an opportunity to give.

150 people, 2 days, 5 classes and a whole lot of fun for the Boys & Girls Club
Making card with Scripps Hospital visitors on National Card Making Day.

Making Seaside Soiree beautiful and welcoming for our guests!

Making Styrofoam stars to decorate the goody bags for the Friends of Scott Prom for Kids with Cancer.
making awesome art at the Save the TaTas event

Dressed up and still hauling stuff. We do it all!
 These are just a few of the hundreds of events we have hosted in the past 7 years. 
over $400,000 raised
87 charities served
Thousands of people reached.


If you see value in what I do, please support
         It takes 2 minutes and cost .33 cents a day.
                 It comes with perks and happy feelings and 
                        makes all the difference in the world to me.

It's the holiday season and almost a New Year so I'm asking.

Please become a member of the Charity Wings Art Center.  It is not about using the Art Center. It is not about coming to the Art Center. It is about giving the gift of ART to people all over the world that can benefit from the Hope, Happiness and Healing that Art can provide.

Take a moment.  Click here now.  Join me in a very simple do-able way and together we can make this world a brighter more colorful happy place!