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Thursday, June 25, 2009

I am a Happy People so I can post this now...

"There are two sides to my heart one is whole and beautiful and the other is inevitably a little mangled"

I was going through a rough patch so I was only posting happy stuff but now that I am all better I feel safe posting this... I know, I am weird, my mind works in mysterious ways! What can I say, being head fairy will do that to you :)

I think I am more drawn to mixed media than anything else and I just love to learn new techniques. So the background is a canvas I did in a Lisa Bebi class and the heart I made at a Miss Vicky's Retreat. This is by far one of the weirdest things I have ever made and yet I am seriously drawn to it for some reason...

Monday, June 22, 2009

want to come to my Tea Party?


Calling all Princesses !!!

I am having a tea party this weekend at Pink Pineapple Scrapbooks. I am working on making some petite fours from a recipe I found. Yes, we all know I do not cook, let alone bake, but this is supposed to be easy. Ha! we will see how it goes! There will be lots of other goodies and surprises as well!

Here is the info:

Join Elena and Chelsea, a real princess, along with other Scrapbook Royalty for a fun craft, storybook reading, and a Royal Tea all in the name of charity. Each participant will receive a goody bag, fairy fly by gift and a chance to win a beautiful raffle basket.

Both Mommy and Daughter will create a unique heart or crown wall hanging using wonderful Flora Craft foam cut outs.
Supplies to bring: Just your scissors and a smile, we will provide lots of beautiful embellishments and ribbon for you to choose from

The cost is $35 for two people. ($20 for an additional person)

This does not have to be mommy daugther, grab a partner and join me for the fun!!!

This is just a sample of what you can make. You will be able to create your fun to reflect your own Royal Style!

And here are my bottle caps for a swap I am doing with some altered art goddesses! I am trying to do a ton of swaps. I find that they make me use my stuff I already have and really challange me creativly! Plus I love seeing other artist's interpretations of the challange!

So Sally gave me some squashed bottle caps and for the purple ones, I filled them crystal lacquer added the beads around the edge and with Floracraft Diamond Dust that I colored with alcohol ink. I Then I added some baubles and a word and voila! Altered bottle caps! the other ones I did a little differently, i actually inked the bottle cap itself, all over so when I filled it with the diamond dust, it took on the color of the alcohol ink. It was fun to play and experiment!

want to come to my Tea Party?

I am having a tea party this weekend at Pink Pineapple Scrapbooks. I am working on making some petite fours from a recipe I found. Yes, we all know I do not cook, let alone bake, but this is supposed to be easy. Ha! we will see how it goes!

Here is the info:

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Volunteers that become friends...

Ok, so ultimately when people start volunteering for SBR I hope that we become friends. In most instances this happens! So when Paper Source contacted me about doing a VIP private party for SBR, I knew exactly who to invite. They had some yummy sweets set up for us, did some fun demos and then we got 10% off our shopping that night. 1/2 of us went to Buca Di Beppo afterwards and boy was that yummy.

Thanks to all the wonderful ladies who volunteer for SBR. Can't do it without your generous selfless support!

and thanks to Paper Source for throwing us this party and for my new heat gun that I won when I was crowned Queen for a Day. (scroll down) They also donated a card class for 4 people so be on the look out for that in one of our next auctions!

Here are some of my fav pics...

What a group! All amazing ladies with huge hearts!

you have to click on this picture to read what is says on Jennifer's new coin purse! I love love love it!!!
This is a very cute picture of our newly elected Treasurer Kierstin

This side

that side


Always a treat when we get together!
look at these attentive students!

I told Kat this is the look she gives me sometimes when I am talking to her :) but actually it is much more of a blank look telling me that she is not getting it at all!!! Kat told me that whenever we do something together she always goes home exhausted. I have no idea what she means?

The taught us how to make envelope inserts and have I have to say, they were really cute! If I didn't have about 10,000 envelopes in my cabinet I might have bought the template :)

These truffles were yummy!! They said Trader Joes? i want to go to there!

Everyone got to vote for one of us to be "Queen for a Day" and they were all making fun of how they had to vote for me. Uh Duh! Just Kidding! It was hilarious when Aubrey the manager put the crown on my head and pushed it all the way down over my eyes. I felt like a little kid. especially with the bangs! It was funny and I know someone has that picture!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Jackie is so awesome!

Sharing is caring! Happy people share!

She is just so creative and always thinking! Here is a fun thing she is doing... You can win a $50 Harry and David Gift card. I love their yummy snacks!!

She just makes me a Happy People!

and I just learned a new thing from Debra that I am in love with and she said it was addicting and she was totally right!

Thanks new friend Debra for sharing!
im totally going crazy with them!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Georgia, Birgitte and Vicky!

still trying to see how many people I can get to follow this blog :) There is a little icon under my facebook badge on the left side.... SCROLL DOWN....then click on it sign up to follow this blog :)

This weekend was a fun day at the Rose Bowl Swap Meet. If you have not been, I would totally recommend it. Jennifer T went with me and I was so glad she did! We found some great fun stuff which I will photograph tomorrow when I can get some decent light! Candice took this fabulous photo in front of this huge beautiful mirror! I wish I could decorate my house! Jean-Claude would kill me if I brought that home!

Jennifer was good, she was taking pics of stuff she wanted but didnt need so she didnt buy so much stuff! so smart! We were in my miata anyway and filled it up!

Three wonderful friends had Bdays and I have to say, these are 3 of my fav people so I want to make sure I say a big HaPPy BiRthDaY to them!For Georgia's Bday, Sally planned a nice lunch and we all gathered to watch her blow out the candle. yep, there is only one but I think she might be older than that.

I asked them to turn around so I could take a group photo and this is what the smart alecks did! I told them I was going to post it as punishment!

Here is one of my finds from the Swap meet, a busted up one armed dolly with an adorable face that I just felt Jackie B needed to have!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Will you "follow" me?

I am trying to see how many people I can get to follow this blog :) There is a little icon under my facebook badge on the left side.... SCROLL DOWN
Please click on it sign up to follow this blog :)

tomorrow morning I will be at the San Diego Food Bank from 10 am till 12 noon. I have really really cool fairy fly bys to give anyone that comes by! I really really hope someone comes!!

So I have a made another paper doll at Art Meet Up with Jackie. It was really really fun and I was super fast! I had to go pick up my friend Brookie who is moving back here from DC. I can't wait! It will be so good to have her back here.

Here is my little German Ballerina. I will call her Ella. she is wearing fishnet stockings and has a huge tiara! I will try to take better photos tomorrow. she is my new favorite thing right now! i'm so laughing because I just realized me and the doll have the same hair almost!

It's a little hard to tell but she is holding a bouqet of flowers and her blingy boobies say Hello Dollie! but yes, I named her Ella :)

Pat's doll was my inspiration for her slippers.

here are the other dolls on Jackie's Blog. I just love that she does this each month! It's just so generous and fun!

Last night I went to the Jenni Bowlin class at Paper Tales. It was really fun. I got to meet someone that has really inspired me. I just love her style. here is a photo of my little book.

this was brooke's first class and she was so seriously into it! It was fun to watch!

she did have fun though!

I really love taking classes from inspiring artists! Jenni was a really great instructor and I just loved meeting her and her cute southern accent :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What the heck is "one of those days"???

and why the heck do they exist??? I swear its been "one of those days"

I was supposed to be at Disneyland today and at 7 am my phone rings and Disney is off. Oh, I should have known then it was going to be crazy! And it has been! Non stop multi tasking to the nth degree! Ok, so first of all, I have to share that it was so crazy it drove me to go to Burger King and get a burger! Yes, I did it! I admit it!! So I went to office depot to buy printer ink. and im starving to booth. get to the check stand, no wallet. driving home, pass BK, no wallet. argh! so get home, get my wallet, stop at BK, its Whopper Wednesday. oh heck, why not? get burger, stuffing fries in my mouth driving back to Office Depot, open wallet, left credit card at BK... do you see where this is going???? Its been one of those days!!


CHA got the website up with the World's Largest Crop Attempt info and we are on there front and center! click on the icon on the bottom right corner. Im so excited! Of course it led to a day of non-stop emails from sponsors which is great!

And Tim Holtz posted today about the Ties that Bind Raffle that we are hosting and we got another $400+ in donations! So this raffle is up to $1500 already! and we only started on the 3rd! So awsome!

Anyway, I will be at the San Diego Food Bank 9850 Distribution Avenue San Diego, CA 92121 from 10 am till 12 noon with wonderful SBR volunteers to collect food and give out fairy fly bys. Would love you to come by and Support Our Community!
So its been one of those days but really it has just been another great day!

Monday, June 08, 2009


First of all I am going to the Jenny Bowlin Class at Paper Tales on Thursday and I can't wait! There are not a lot of scrapbooking "celebrities" that I go gaga over but I really love her style! I'll call it simplified vintage and I can't do it so its fun to take class and see how her creativity works! i can't wait to take the class and meet her. I think there might still be room at least there were a couple of days ago but not sure...

We are hosting a raffle on the SBR website for an art doll that is sooo amazing. I was inspired by this doll to do something with all the beatiful charms that I have recieved in charm swaps and from friends! I bought this bust at Shinoda and then painted it white. I just love the way it turned out and can't wait to keep adding to it!

I also have a sneek peek of my lucky 13 page that I did for Gloria.

More sneeks on the Lucky 13 blog . We made a change to the group and we are now working on getting the pages published so we are not going to post full pics any more. But we are going to get really active on the blog so please add it to your favs and keep checking! I know Cheryl Waters has pages ready to go and she will be posting them tomorrow or the day after :)

Friday, June 05, 2009

Glue Glider's Angels!

Ok, last nights scrapbook club was just toooo much fun! Lorene came down and I took her to my homes away from home... Cedros Design District and Pink Pineapple. She was my guest and everyone just loved her!!

I gave everyone a glue glider pro and we altered them. I posted photos on the Scrapbook Club Blog and here is the one I did for Krystie. I used Krylon Fusion paint, Fancy Pants rub ons, Prima Bling. and giltter spray paint. I did mask the green areas and sprayed it with clear coat afterwards. I am working on mine now...

Anyway, I just love all of these ladies. They all come ready for the experience and seriously, it is just amazing how wonderful they all are to eachother! It's one of the highlights of my month and I am thrilled to be a part of it.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Dolls Dolls Dolls!

I met some super creative minds yesterday for a little doll swap! I really really loved the amazing things these ladies came up with! I feel super duper inspired!

Carrie used an adorable picture of herself as a child. I love that she is holding a flower!
and Sally did beautiful intricate metal embossing. She shared first and we all jokingly put our stuff away after we saw what she did!

Diane forgot that it was fairy themed and did a mermaid but I loved it with all the glitter and her shirt is a fine wire mesh!

I had never heard of the stuff that Pat made these wings out of but I was so impressed when she told us she sewed the glitter thread into the wings! and she used a soldering iron to cut out the leaves for the skirt!

love love the flowersoft ballet slippers!

Georgia's party fairy makes me want to dance! just beautiful! and she watercolored the purple wings!

last one is mine, more photos of mine if you scroll down. This was really fun! I am trying to do more swaps so that I can use supplies that I have on hand. I really love that I got to use my stuff!!!