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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What the heck is "one of those days"???

and why the heck do they exist??? I swear its been "one of those days"

I was supposed to be at Disneyland today and at 7 am my phone rings and Disney is off. Oh, I should have known then it was going to be crazy! And it has been! Non stop multi tasking to the nth degree! Ok, so first of all, I have to share that it was so crazy it drove me to go to Burger King and get a burger! Yes, I did it! I admit it!! So I went to office depot to buy printer ink. and im starving to booth. get to the check stand, no wallet. driving home, pass BK, no wallet. argh! so get home, get my wallet, stop at BK, its Whopper Wednesday. oh heck, why not? get burger, stuffing fries in my mouth driving back to Office Depot, open wallet, left credit card at BK... do you see where this is going???? Its been one of those days!!


CHA got the website up with the World's Largest Crop Attempt info and we are on there front and center! click on the icon on the bottom right corner. Im so excited! Of course it led to a day of non-stop emails from sponsors which is great!

And Tim Holtz posted today about the Ties that Bind Raffle that we are hosting and we got another $400+ in donations! So this raffle is up to $1500 already! and we only started on the 3rd! So awsome!

Anyway, I will be at the San Diego Food Bank 9850 Distribution Avenue San Diego, CA 92121 from 10 am till 12 noon with wonderful SBR volunteers to collect food and give out fairy fly bys. Would love you to come by and Support Our Community!
So its been one of those days but really it has just been another great day!

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jackieb said...

Well glad I'm not the only one that has "one of those days".

I can just see you holding that camera out to take the picture of you eating a Burger King. ha ha

Tomorrow will be even better :}