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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Jackie is so awesome!

Sharing is caring! Happy people share!

She is just so creative and always thinking! Here is a fun thing she is doing... You can win a $50 Harry and David Gift card. I love their yummy snacks!!

She just makes me a Happy People!

and I just learned a new thing from Debra that I am in love with and she said it was addicting and she was totally right!

Thanks new friend Debra for sharing!
im totally going crazy with them!


jackieb said...

Happy people are fun people :}

The flowers are wonderful...I see you have been busy.

If only I had your energy....ha ha

julie Haymaker thompson said...

Jackie is awsome!!! TOOO fun I love making flowers I think a use some type of flower shape in everything I do. It must be the gardener in me. And hey Girl! don't let that last event bum You, the world needs more good, kind, caring and hardworking ,souls like YOU!!!

julie Haymaker thompson said...

Oh P.s I hope you do not mind but I put this great pic of you and Jackie on my blog today as Jackie's post game was so fun and clever and I wanted others to link to her . hugs Julie