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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Life is kicking into Full Gear!!!

Ok, finally, Black White and Craft All Over is off and running and after yesterday's run through, I think it is all set and ready for visitors! We had a great time running from store to store. There were 12 adults and 4 kids making their way accross the 78 freeway and spreading joy and inspriation along the way. Now for the kids...

originally Julie was coming with Emily so I brought Isabella for her to play with but Julie got sick so Isabella played with Miranda, Katie and Matthew and all her new Aunties! She was so perfectly well behaved and I was so happy to have her with me. She is truly a doll!

and my little pork chop Matthew was along for the ride. He charmed his way through all the ladies and was really good considering that he is usually such a monster! Adorable loveable monster but a handful for sure!

and as for Miranda and Katie. They are just too sweet and just too cute! this picture of Katie is perfect because she always has her head in the clouds. Dream on girl!

and here are a few group pics on the route. I was too busy to take too many photos and mine did not come out that great so hopefully other people will share. It was a really fun day and thanks to all the girls who came with me!

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Euphoria said...

So rad! I SO wished I could have made it... work is kicking butt lately so I don't have too much time for play

We should do lunch soon!?