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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Volunteers that become friends...

Ok, so ultimately when people start volunteering for SBR I hope that we become friends. In most instances this happens! So when Paper Source contacted me about doing a VIP private party for SBR, I knew exactly who to invite. They had some yummy sweets set up for us, did some fun demos and then we got 10% off our shopping that night. 1/2 of us went to Buca Di Beppo afterwards and boy was that yummy.

Thanks to all the wonderful ladies who volunteer for SBR. Can't do it without your generous selfless support!

and thanks to Paper Source for throwing us this party and for my new heat gun that I won when I was crowned Queen for a Day. (scroll down) They also donated a card class for 4 people so be on the look out for that in one of our next auctions!

Here are some of my fav pics...

What a group! All amazing ladies with huge hearts!

you have to click on this picture to read what is says on Jennifer's new coin purse! I love love love it!!!
This is a very cute picture of our newly elected Treasurer Kierstin

This side

that side


Always a treat when we get together!
look at these attentive students!

I told Kat this is the look she gives me sometimes when I am talking to her :) but actually it is much more of a blank look telling me that she is not getting it at all!!! Kat told me that whenever we do something together she always goes home exhausted. I have no idea what she means?

The taught us how to make envelope inserts and have I have to say, they were really cute! If I didn't have about 10,000 envelopes in my cabinet I might have bought the template :)

These truffles were yummy!! They said Trader Joes? i want to go to there!

Everyone got to vote for one of us to be "Queen for a Day" and they were all making fun of how they had to vote for me. Uh Duh! Just Kidding! It was hilarious when Aubrey the manager put the crown on my head and pushed it all the way down over my eyes. I felt like a little kid. especially with the bangs! It was funny and I know someone has that picture!


Sheila Goldsberry said...

Thanks Elena for a fun evening! i have the squishy crown photo! I'll send it to you!



julie Haymaker thompson said...

Fav. Photo is squishy faces and the paper colors in the background Yummy!! looks like all had fun!!!

Kat said...

Elena, as always, it was tons of fun. I love the SBR crew and you. Paper Source is cool! It will be of my stores when I get rich. Thanks for taking such good care of us. xo Kat

joydiscovered said...

Great pictures, Elena! Looks like fun!

ally serrato said...

cute pictures!!! okay ~ im calling you back in like five,, :-D

RollerScrapper said...

I love it! I will totally have to scrap that photo of me and add to it the tag that came off of the change purse, it said "She had made a wise shopping decision" :)

BTW I got crafty with an item we all got so I thought I'd share in case anyone was interested in re-using the color chart we got.

Euphoria said...

I had so much fun with your girls!! Thanks so much for the invite!