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Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Georgia, Birgitte and Vicky!

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This weekend was a fun day at the Rose Bowl Swap Meet. If you have not been, I would totally recommend it. Jennifer T went with me and I was so glad she did! We found some great fun stuff which I will photograph tomorrow when I can get some decent light! Candice took this fabulous photo in front of this huge beautiful mirror! I wish I could decorate my house! Jean-Claude would kill me if I brought that home!

Jennifer was good, she was taking pics of stuff she wanted but didnt need so she didnt buy so much stuff! so smart! We were in my miata anyway and filled it up!

Three wonderful friends had Bdays and I have to say, these are 3 of my fav people so I want to make sure I say a big HaPPy BiRthDaY to them!For Georgia's Bday, Sally planned a nice lunch and we all gathered to watch her blow out the candle. yep, there is only one but I think she might be older than that.

I asked them to turn around so I could take a group photo and this is what the smart alecks did! I told them I was going to post it as punishment!

Here is one of my finds from the Swap meet, a busted up one armed dolly with an adorable face that I just felt Jackie B needed to have!


RollerScrapper said...

Lol that warthog head was awesome! I had a blast and have safely hidden my cake carrier in the corner of my kitchen cupboard. Jon even helped get the old sticker goo off the side, with WD-40! Now all I have to do is replace that boring knob on the top of it and bring a cake to book club :)
Thanks again!

Christine said...

Love your blog, it's my first visit! I'm about to do another blog post (on my own blog) about our most recent bento lunches, glad you like them! What/where is Daiso? Is it in SD? Sounds like something I definitely need to check out, especially if it's got lots of cute things I can add to our lunches!!!

Thanks for stopping by! :)