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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

can't stop laughing.... Sally Says-isms

Ok, I just have to write these down somewhere!

Sally Says-isms #1

Sally told me someone left a comment on her blog in Chinese. So I go there to translate for her and seriously, it was this super long comment that was too much for me to decipher so I sent it to my mom and asked her what it says. Here is her response:

You should delete this. It's refer to get XXX rated DVD. very BAD.

I laughed so hard then sent it to Sally and my lil bro for a gratuitous laugh.

Sally Says-isms #2

Last night as we were getting a drink at Carl's Jr Sally fills up a cup with some soda and then askes me why her lid wont stay on her cup. I say because that is a coffee lid.

Sally Says-isms #3

Sally comes over today to pick up some stuff at my brother's house where I am staying. My friend Albert who is from Spain is there helping with some website stuff etc.. so Sally is leaving and she says, "It was nice to finally meet Elena's brother. I love your house by the way." I say, Sally Albert is not my brother!" and she says, " I was wondering about the accent and not Chinese looking!"

Oh boy! I just love this girl! Going to spend a week with her starting Friday and I know for a fact I will be able to post more!

More Inspired

I want to be more inspiring. I am constantly inspired by people, places, art, etc... I can honestly say I am inspired by almost everything I experience everyday. I truly strive to be a better person, to make the right decisions, to leave a positive energy behind when I exit this life. I am learning. Slowly but surely.

I get to hear nice words because of what I do with Scrapbook Royalty but really, it is a selfish life I lead. I can't believe I get to do this every day and that I actually found my niche in the world. I have floated around so much and just never thought I'd settle into something that I am really good at. But I have and I feel selfish that it has turned out to be so amazingly perfect for me.

Here is a new logo that Rhonna Ferrar did for us. I just love it. and I just love her. See how lucky I am?!?

So, new years resolutions....

I want to learn to give people the benefit of the doubt. I want to find a way to turn a negative conversation into a positive one and I want to learn how to not jump on the gossip band wagon when it inevitably come rolling by. I don't know how to do this and I know I might not be able to do it overnight but writing it down makes me accountable so I am going to do my best to make it happen!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Miss Vicky and 5 non-blondes!

Had a wonderful visit with Miss Vicky this weekend. Got to spend a little time creating this fun cross. Not sure if it is finished yet but I really loved going thru Miss Vicky's goodies and picking pieces to add.

We also went dancing in Downtown LA which is always fun. I love getting my groove on with Vicky. She is always game for anything. And how cute is she with her bump it? I told her she should wear it everyday!

And here we are with Anita, Hisaho, Hiroko, and Yuko. Hisaho came down for a visit and we all had dinner. It is always so nice to hang out with my crafty friends! All of us are Fiskateers by the way and we got to share some Fiska-love :)

One of these kids is doing their own thing! Can you tell which one it is?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Diva Craft Lounge Radio Show...

I just love the outpouring of support I get from my friends. Diva Danielle and Rayme Royale have invited me onto their show today at 12 noon to talk about all the amazing events we have coming up! Especially the Guinness Record attempt on January 23rd. If you have been under a rock and don't know about it.. (just kidding!!) visit the SBR website to get more info and join me for a fun fun fun day! We are trying to set a world record for the largest crop and we will be raising money for Kids In Need Foundation

The Diva Craft Lounge Radio Show reaches over 100 countries and is just the best best bestest!

you can even listen to it after the show is over so just go there and see how funny I sound!! :) I think I sound funny :)

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Lucky 13 pages and snowboarding

I finally got to create in my "crap" room. That is totally not what it is but that is what Eric calls it and since it's his house that is what we are calling it for now.

But it is my studio and I love it.

So I got to create last night and it was awesome! I came home from Snowboarding in Big Bear and made some layouts...

For the lucky 13 we are only posting sneak peeks right now but would love you to become a follower, we will be revealing full pages soon!

This page is for Candice. She is an amazing artist and a wonderful friend. She is holding up a can of my fav drink while we were at CHA last summer. I painted and glimmer misted to my heart's content!

And this one is for Angela Daniels. One of the Lead Fiskateers. She is more into clean lines so I tried my best to do a simple but elegant layout for her.And here I am in all my snowbunny glory at the end of a fun afternoon of solo snowboarding bliss! I am finding a way to be at peace even when I am alone. Its very interesting. Not used to it yet but working on it! Post a few more pics on my facebook page.

Monday, January 04, 2010

New and Fun with Jennifer and Elena!!

Happy New Year! Jennifer and I are at Starbucks and we are Happy People!

Using my new Disney Princess Netbook from my little Brother... SO CUTE!

check out the cool webcam!! CUSTOM BABY!

i used my new STARBUCKS GOLD CARD to buy us tea and get us on the interweb... this was not easy by the way... :( boo Starbucks interweb!!

And using my new crocheted PIGGY COZY cup warmer that Jennifer expertly copied off the interweb! Sooooo cute!!!! Are you jealous? I would be! its soooo cute!!

and the photos of my laptop and the webcam were taken with my new Blackberry Curve 2. So love it! it is lavender and has an optical mouse instead of the rolly ball thingy that always gets dirty. that is why they call it a "black" berry! yuck!