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Monday, January 04, 2010

New and Fun with Jennifer and Elena!!

Happy New Year! Jennifer and I are at Starbucks and we are Happy People!

Using my new Disney Princess Netbook from my little Brother... SO CUTE!

check out the cool webcam!! CUSTOM BABY!

i used my new STARBUCKS GOLD CARD to buy us tea and get us on the interweb... this was not easy by the way... :( boo Starbucks interweb!!

And using my new crocheted PIGGY COZY cup warmer that Jennifer expertly copied off the interweb! Sooooo cute!!!! Are you jealous? I would be! its soooo cute!!

and the photos of my laptop and the webcam were taken with my new Blackberry Curve 2. So love it! it is lavender and has an optical mouse instead of the rolly ball thingy that always gets dirty. that is why they call it a "black" berry! yuck!



Gloria said...

holy cow.....Elena is to see you happy !!!!! sweet purple princess of ours...G

Jennifer Priest said...


allYson said...

What a CUTE coffee sleeve!! I am very jelous. I just made a washcloth (ha). That might be my next project :)Coffee soon??!!

RollerScrapper said...

So glad we got to hang out!

mo.honey said...

What an original cup holder warmer! That little piggy design is so original -- truly unique! I love that you have a crocheted original by Jennifer! SO COOL.