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Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Christmas~

Happy Happy Christmas Friends and Family!!

My first Christmas in a long time without a tree and Christmas morning presents. We ended up opening them last night instead which was still fun! and STILL A WONDERFUL TIME WITH MY FAMILY.

Yesterday we spent with a lot of family at my Aunt Nancy's house. Where there was a Christmas Tree. In fact she used a bunch of my ornaments!

Here is the fam. Eric and Wen runied this photo by standing on their tippy toes!! WHATEVER! My one satisfaction is that my super skinny brother looks chubby in this photo! :)
(he said it!)
We do a White Elephant Gift Exchange which is always fun. I tell them every year, unisex gifts! So funny, they just don't listen. There was a giant Hello Kitty stuffed animal in the mix this year! Cute but not unisex!!!Uncle Mike got the gift that was $80 in lotto scratchers!! We helped him scratch for about 1/2 hour! So funny! But only won $18!!

Here is my brother and my nephew Alexander. What hams!

And here I am with Grandma. One of the most rewarding things that came from moving to Taiwan to learn mandarin was coming home and her saying how happy she was that she could talk to me now!


Gloria said...

Merry Christmas Elena...will defenately see you next week..he leaves monday so my life will hopefully go back to normal..glad to see you smile..Gloria

RollerScrapper said...

So glad you are back!
And I think it's funny to bring gender specific gifts, i.e. a man ended up with the purse I brought to my sister's was hilarious the way he hammed it up, plus he had a wife so it's like she got two gifts :)