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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sally B-day, Castle in Taiwan and funny girls!

I found this photo on my camera so decided that this blog needs something handmade on it!! This is a bracelet I made for Sally for her bday. Its one of my new favorite things to do! Make Jewelry! Miss Vicky taught me how! Sally is a "pink" girl and I just love her to pieces!

Today Belle, brought me to Yi Lan yesterday. Her friend Therina came with us and I am so happy to meet her. Definitely a new friend!

this is where we are right now. Yep! a castle in Taiwan! its actually a bed and breakfast and as cool as it is, we have agreed its a one time experience and not one we really need to do again. Unlike some of the other amazing places we have stayed!

And this is our window and view. Yep, we are in the left turett! love it!

And this was day before yesterday in Taiwan at Belle's house.

Even while she has company (me) Shino still has to do homework!

this is Belle's house. Left to right...

yen yen, me, belle, doris, fong mei, shino, jen the wen.

Belle made Beef Noodle soup for dinner and it was so yummy! Then Doris and Jen took me shopping for gifties to take home.

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Nina and/or Ruthie said...

Staying in a castle sounds pretty great! Glad you're having so much fun on your vacation!