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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Get it together girl!! Life is sooo good!

Spark the Event in a photo booth making crazy faces! it was so fun!

What the heck! I think I am going to get my blog posts going again and then WHAM! THE PRINCESS GETS TOOO BUSY! So here I am, weeks later wishing I had more time. But I have to say, I am such a Happy People again! I had an awesome time in Hansville, WA with my friend from grade school, Jimmy. We hiked and I got to just be in the middle of really cold really beautiful nature and I got to see 3 bald eagles and and and! It was just fantastic. Really the best part of Washington was having really good talks with someone that has known me since I was a little kid and realizing that happiness is a choice. It exists all the time, it is always there, Pain is there too, but it's a choice. I used to always make the choice to be happy and then with the divorce, there were moments I thought I might never be happy again, but I was wrong.


So now tomorrow is my 38th- YEP! 38th bday. I am feeling great. I see a bright future and I can't believe what an adventure my life is and has always been. 38 years and I wouldn't change a thing!

I have been a busy traveling princess so here are some pics from recent moments in my life...

Spark! the event in Utah. went with Sally, made tons of new friends and got to spend time with some I already knew. Raised $4500 for Susan G. Komen and loved every minute of it!

20 year San Dieguito High School Reunion- I can't believe I was totally not going to go!

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jackieb said...

You are so MUST chose to be happy. Those are words to live by for sure.

I chose to be a Happy People too!

Hope you are having fun in Taiwan!