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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Another Birthday party!

Last night they had another birthday dinner for me with yummy cake, lots of aunts, grandma and kids. at a really really beautiful restaurant. There are alot of restaurants here that pay attention to the dining environment. feng shui etc... just different than the states.

Look how cute my little nieces are! Yao sheng and Shino are having some camera fun with me after some crazy B*^%$! chopped my hair off. Im ok. cried and yelled at the manager then he at least got it even but holy crap its not at all what I wanted!! but still a happy people :)

i tried to explain to her that that is winnie the pooh's butt. but she thought it was hilarious and wanted a picture anyway!

Yao Sheng is an artist. I will take some photos of her beautiful paintings and post them.

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Euphoria said...

Looks like a grand ol time. and your hair (from what I can see) looks fine!