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Monday, August 30, 2010

Scrappin for Ta Tas is fun!

I have had an awesome weekend!

I had some great revelations about myself and what I really need and want as far as my life moving forward goes. I found that I am in a much better place than I thoughtI was and it has helped me with my relationships with some very important people in my life. It takes me a while but sometimes I get it :)

Sheila and I had an affiliate event this weekend at the La Jolla Mariott that was small but really really great!

How cute is Gi Gi? Suzi Blu knows how tasty her little doggy looks to me now!! Suzi was so fabulous to grace us with her presence and teach an adorable petite fairy doll. It was awesome!! I actually got to play and make one. Ill post it tomorrow. (or the day after :))

Here is the awesome group of ladies that supported this event. Together we raised $1200 for Susan G. Komen. Yep! thats what we do!

Jennifer came down from Hesparia to fulfill her role as Scrapbook Royalty's Creative Director and she did not disappoint with her adorable mini book class!

Krystie and Teri from Pink Pineapple Scrapbooks were there to teach a layout class that was yummy and perfect for summer!

Krystie's class was complete with a glitter sundae which I wanted so bad to eat!

and my dear friend Miss Vicky was on hand to teach a stacked button bracelet class! She is always make a room sunnier and more fun! and I just love love love her haircut! She donated to Locks of Love!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sometimes you gotta go for it!

I was at Laura's Desert Scrappers Retreat event a couple of months ago and it was really fun! They played "musical chairs scavenger hunt" and it was hilarious! Albert caught this photo of me running for the next item and.....

then diving for the chair so I wouldn't be out!! It was so close...hahaha!

But as you can see, I was on the floor in the end...
I had so much fun tho! And you can too!...

There are 2 Scrapbook Royalty options for the next Desert Scrappers Retreat which still has room! Sept 17-19th. Palm Desert!

  • The Scrap Yourself Pink one day crop hosted by Jennifer Priest and Sheila the amazing awesome angel to raise money for Susan G. Komen
  • The Royal Add On that goes with Laura's retreat. Super awesome feedback from last time so we are doing it again!

Monday, August 23, 2010

A Stache party and a huge Nessie Burger

How about those young'uns? They are amazing!

Me and Jesse at CHA Scrapbook Royalty Staging Room with our Meat Sticks and Nut Clusters Sheila bought us for snacks! We couldn't stop laughing!!

So there are some amazing girls that volunteer for Scrapbook Royalty/Charity Wings and they are young and so dedicated and I have to tell you about them!

There are more then just these two but here are two of them...
One is my friend Jesse. She has been with me since the very very very beginning for Scrapbook Royalty and has been at almost every event. She goes by King Jesse and she is definitely a King of somethin'!
Our friendship has grown and stretched and been tested and grown some more of the last 7 or so years since we met and I just love love love this girl!She just moved into a new place a few weeks ago and this weekend she has a mustache housewarming party. Jesse is obsessed with mustaches... I took this picture of her friend Chris and I love it! It was so much fun! I swear it is so weird to be the oldest person at a party but hey! I somehow fit right in!!!

And then there is Lauren, She just started volunteering and I can't even believe how awesome she is. She also just got engaged and I am so happy for her! She has taken Club Royalty by storm and made a huge impact on what I do. I can definitely count on her and that is just such a gift. Today we met for me to give her some stuffs and we had Nessie Burgers... We couldn't event slightly put a dent in them but dang they were good!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

ok. every other day then!!

looks like I will change my plan to an every other day post! haha!

This is where I was yesterday ...

went to Camp Pendleton. One of my besties, Brooke promised Albert a tour and he was amazed that they would let him on base since he is from Spain! or as he says, Barcelona.

and I played with her kids... I had actually been avoiding them for a few months after the divorce started. I think because I have such mixed feelings about kids now. I never doubted that I would be a mother, and now I do, and it makes it harder to be around other people's kids in a way. Especially my good friends who know me so well. But I had fun and they were fun and it was actually all very good.

and we had fun on the tour and Albert did lots of jumping. First off the tank which you can climb but at your own risk (big signs all over telling you so)

Then he played in Brooke's backyard on the trampoline. He kicked Brooke's kids out first :) Yep. He is a big kid! Fun fun fun!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

oops! already missed a day!~

Geez I can't believe I already missed a day on my 30 days of blogging! Haha! oh so typical!

I've met some amazing people and made some incredible connections at Brave Girls Camp. This is Veronica and Lorraine. They came to CHA and I barely got to see them but I am so glad I did at least get to give hugs. They are two of the Bravest Girls I know.
Lorraine called me after I got back and we discussed a project she is working on. I am so excited because she is including me in the project. Keep an eye out! I will be posting about it as soon as she says I can!!

And even though they are not brave girls Alumni, Wendy and Marisa are two more amazing brave girls I spent time with at CHA Chicago. Wendy is from Canada and is a Crafty TV spokesperson. She had a show that just ended and she is so fun! and so sweet! Marisa is a firecracker and she was my co-host for the Westcott Under the Sea benefit for the Wyland Foundation. She is a true blue friend and someone I really admire for her unwavering commitment to giving only her best!

I have met some amazing women in my life and I probably couldn't write about them all but I am definitely going to try!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Im doing it anyway!

I LOVE CUTE LITTLE PIGGIES!!! They're soooo tasty!

I keep just putting off doing my blog post because life is getting in the way. Then I realized that my blog needs to get in the way of life!! I miss so much blogging and I have to pick up the habit again. So I am going to do the 30-day challenge... here goes day 1...
day 1...
I hear my friend G in my head every day saying "Elena, I keep going to your blog and it's the same post! You need to blog!" And I guess, I get so behind that I dont even know where to begin.... so I am beginning with something I love...

I love handmade gifties! This one is from my friend Maria and she stamped in the metal and it says..."This little piggy loves bacon!" and you know i do! She sells these very popular bracelets in her etsy shop!

And I love little piggies! In fact, I was out with my good buddy Jessekins and we ran across the cutes piggie I ever saw!!
I got to hold it! Turns out it costs $850 to buy one :( a little out of my league!
and lastly for today's love of piggies theme, I love love love my friend Jennifer (who is not a piggie) but an awesome friend who left me a cooler full of piggie parts!! Yum yum yum! Do you see the sliced bacon!! I can't wait to fry it up in a pan!! and that piggie roast is going in my crockpot!! Yep! I am learning to cook. Albert says I am on a cooking spree but I keep telling him I am not. I refuse to admit that I can probably feed myself if I have to!