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Thursday, August 19, 2010

oops! already missed a day!~

Geez I can't believe I already missed a day on my 30 days of blogging! Haha! oh so typical!

I've met some amazing people and made some incredible connections at Brave Girls Camp. This is Veronica and Lorraine. They came to CHA and I barely got to see them but I am so glad I did at least get to give hugs. They are two of the Bravest Girls I know.
Lorraine called me after I got back and we discussed a project she is working on. I am so excited because she is including me in the project. Keep an eye out! I will be posting about it as soon as she says I can!!

And even though they are not brave girls Alumni, Wendy and Marisa are two more amazing brave girls I spent time with at CHA Chicago. Wendy is from Canada and is a Crafty TV spokesperson. She had a show that just ended and she is so fun! and so sweet! Marisa is a firecracker and she was my co-host for the Westcott Under the Sea benefit for the Wyland Foundation. She is a true blue friend and someone I really admire for her unwavering commitment to giving only her best!

I have met some amazing women in my life and I probably couldn't write about them all but I am definitely going to try!

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