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Saturday, August 21, 2010

ok. every other day then!!

looks like I will change my plan to an every other day post! haha!

This is where I was yesterday ...

went to Camp Pendleton. One of my besties, Brooke promised Albert a tour and he was amazed that they would let him on base since he is from Spain! or as he says, Barcelona.

and I played with her kids... I had actually been avoiding them for a few months after the divorce started. I think because I have such mixed feelings about kids now. I never doubted that I would be a mother, and now I do, and it makes it harder to be around other people's kids in a way. Especially my good friends who know me so well. But I had fun and they were fun and it was actually all very good.

and we had fun on the tour and Albert did lots of jumping. First off the tank which you can climb but at your own risk (big signs all over telling you so)

Then he played in Brooke's backyard on the trampoline. He kicked Brooke's kids out first :) Yep. He is a big kid! Fun fun fun!


Dani Fai said...

Great place.
Lots of fun!!!

Gloria said...

I like albert...

allYson said...

looks like you had fun!