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Monday, August 23, 2010

A Stache party and a huge Nessie Burger

How about those young'uns? They are amazing!

Me and Jesse at CHA Scrapbook Royalty Staging Room with our Meat Sticks and Nut Clusters Sheila bought us for snacks! We couldn't stop laughing!!

So there are some amazing girls that volunteer for Scrapbook Royalty/Charity Wings and they are young and so dedicated and I have to tell you about them!

There are more then just these two but here are two of them...
One is my friend Jesse. She has been with me since the very very very beginning for Scrapbook Royalty and has been at almost every event. She goes by King Jesse and she is definitely a King of somethin'!
Our friendship has grown and stretched and been tested and grown some more of the last 7 or so years since we met and I just love love love this girl!She just moved into a new place a few weeks ago and this weekend she has a mustache housewarming party. Jesse is obsessed with mustaches... I took this picture of her friend Chris and I love it! It was so much fun! I swear it is so weird to be the oldest person at a party but hey! I somehow fit right in!!!

And then there is Lauren, She just started volunteering and I can't even believe how awesome she is. She also just got engaged and I am so happy for her! She has taken Club Royalty by storm and made a huge impact on what I do. I can definitely count on her and that is just such a gift. Today we met for me to give her some stuffs and we had Nessie Burgers... We couldn't event slightly put a dent in them but dang they were good!!

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allYson said...

Yummy! I have to crochet a "Summer" Stache I gave away my scarf stache.