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Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Miss Vicky and 5 non-blondes!

Had a wonderful visit with Miss Vicky this weekend. Got to spend a little time creating this fun cross. Not sure if it is finished yet but I really loved going thru Miss Vicky's goodies and picking pieces to add.

We also went dancing in Downtown LA which is always fun. I love getting my groove on with Vicky. She is always game for anything. And how cute is she with her bump it? I told her she should wear it everyday!

And here we are with Anita, Hisaho, Hiroko, and Yuko. Hisaho came down for a visit and we all had dinner. It is always so nice to hang out with my crafty friends! All of us are Fiskateers by the way and we got to share some Fiska-love :)

One of these kids is doing their own thing! Can you tell which one it is?


Cheryl Waters said...

What an absolutely lovely bunch of ladies! Everyone of you! Wish I could have joined you but preparing for all the festivities this coming week and preparing for hundreds of fiskateers. Had fun this weekend packing 200 bags full of goodies. I love these fiskateers in this photo! So glad you all had a lovely time this weekend!

Miss Vicky said...

I look smokin' hot in my bump it!
Good Times!

joydiscovered said...

Hi Elena!
Those crosses are super cool! What a fun project! You look so cute in the picture--is that a tutu you are wearing?

Elena Lai Etcheverry said...

haha! not a tutu, just a darn cute skirt! :)

Just call me Silly Sal said...

The cross is even more gorgeous in person. It will go perfect with my Suzi Blu "Blessed Mother." Thanks Elena :'