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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

can't stop laughing.... Sally Says-isms

Ok, I just have to write these down somewhere!

Sally Says-isms #1

Sally told me someone left a comment on her blog in Chinese. So I go there to translate for her and seriously, it was this super long comment that was too much for me to decipher so I sent it to my mom and asked her what it says. Here is her response:

You should delete this. It's refer to get XXX rated DVD. very BAD.

I laughed so hard then sent it to Sally and my lil bro for a gratuitous laugh.

Sally Says-isms #2

Last night as we were getting a drink at Carl's Jr Sally fills up a cup with some soda and then askes me why her lid wont stay on her cup. I say because that is a coffee lid.

Sally Says-isms #3

Sally comes over today to pick up some stuff at my brother's house where I am staying. My friend Albert who is from Spain is there helping with some website stuff etc.. so Sally is leaving and she says, "It was nice to finally meet Elena's brother. I love your house by the way." I say, Sally Albert is not my brother!" and she says, " I was wondering about the accent and not Chinese looking!"

Oh boy! I just love this girl! Going to spend a week with her starting Friday and I know for a fact I will be able to post more!


Just call me Silly Sal said...

OMG. It can't be because I am getting old. . . I like to think of myself like Yogi Bear or Beara or what ever the old coach of the NY Yankee's (now the Dodgers?) name is and his "isms". I've been this way all my life. I have been "roasted" since I was in my "Yuth". My kids have stories from their personal experiences with dear old mom - me. Thanks Elena. I hope I fulfilled your evening tonight with something meaningful activities. And, thank your mom for me :' Silly Sal

suzi blu said...

I am foreseeing lOts of Sally moments this week! xoxo

lisa bebi said...

i know sally enough to know she is a bit like this.
can't wait to hook up with you guys.

i'm kinda like that myself.

Elena Lai Etcheverry said...

you know it!! This is all sally!!!

Just call me Silly Sal said...

In my art/computer room I have or maybe I used to have a sign that said, "of all the things I've lost in life, I miss my mind the most". That just about sums it up.

Elena Lai Etcheverry said...


Cheryl Waters ~ Fiskateer #002 said...

I love Sally! I was so so happy to spend time with her last night. I got to sit next to her and loved every minute of it! This just made me laugh and smile! I'm still laughing. Thanks for sharing and Sally . . . you're awesome!

jackieb said...

Hey my first sally-ism was she thinks Henry Kissinger is HOT....I laughed so hard.

Each to their own I guess.

Have fun at CHA!

karlalala said...

that Sally... hope i get to see her again real soon!! Eleana... need to talk to you about March!! email me?? love you Sally!! smooch!!