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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Handmade for the Better! Handmade for Good!

We had such a good time!!

Halloween came early this year in the Scrapbook Royalty Booth at Scrapbook Expo Ontario!

how we get so much done and stay awake!

loved the bat headband Sheila was wearing!

some of the awesome volunteers

winner of the Cricut Imagine Raffle! this raffle Raised $1400!! for Charity Wings

awesome Brenda who let us crash her crop and was so amazingly sweet!

The whole booth and the volunteers were Creepy Cuties! It was so fun and so productive and we raised about $2400 in donations! Some of which will be donated to Pink Link. A wonderful organization founded by my friend Vicki Tashman. I love what they do!

And Expo fell on Tiara Friday! so I had to post a photo of myself wearing my tiara which of course I had on... and her it is... and here are the photos of my brave girl and tiara friday sistas!

Lara and Jayme

and its Tiara Friday again!!

So join our fb page "Tiara Friday- The Movement"

Lara is giving away the most beautiful piece of jewelry! I just love it! go to her blog and post! This girl is so awesome!

And I am posting Tiaras for Donations on the Charity Wings website. The box just came so hope to get it posted tomorrow!

Registration opens on Nov 1st and the first 30 peeps get a Super Awesome Sign Up Bonus!!

dont miss it!

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