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Sunday, September 05, 2010

Ha ha ha! Every day, every other day... every week.. who am i kidding?

I was trying to do more posts. and I have but dang, the days get away from me!!
Anyway, it was a holiday, yeah, that's a good enough excuse right?

So.....Have you been to Glen Ivy?There are a few locations but the one in Corona has the hot springs and Club Mud. A Red Clay mud that makes your skin baby butt soft!

So, I went with some friends and it was awesome. While we were covered in mud. (Some of us more than others....) we were really wishing we had a camera. So I, being the resourceful one, offered to take a photo of some girls taking pics of eachother on a camera phone. And then I said, "Hey! would you take one for us and send it to me?" that being the plan all along of course :) She said no problem and so here is the picture...

We look like we just stepped out of the amazon jungle ... some more than others... Let's just say Albert has some really shiny hair now...(the mud is almost dry so you can't see it that well)

Anyways, it was fun. I recommend it! go during the week. its cheaper and less crowded for sure! Eat lunch there! the salads are amazing.

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