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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Im making decisions... hope I can stick to them!

Two things:

1) I was having a late night conversation with Jenny Doh at Inspired and through talking to her I came to the conclusion that I really really need to get some physical exercise going.  I feel like my body is just going to freeze up and stop moving.  I know that movement is life and if we stop stretching and using our muscles we get stiff and old and blubbery!  So that is where I am at... In my 39th year of life, I am going to try to get my movement back!

So yesterday I went for an hour and 1/2 speed walk on the beach in Encinitas.  My home town and my favorite place on earth!

2)  I decided that I want to get back into ART!!  I used to spend all day every day just scrapbooking and making things. I have not had this life in a long long time.  I miss it.  So here is a necklace I made for a new friend Celeste Black. I met her at Scrapbook Expo Orlando and she was wearing an awesome fabric necklace.  I was wearing one of my own creations and we oohed an ahhed over each others stuff! It was fun and we decided to trade art. So I made her this necklace and I hope she likes it!


Bree mcconnell said...

First of im a little taken back that your 39 lol.....u look way younger!!! Good luck in fitness and getting back into art....both are a fab idea :)

the messy nest said...

Jenny gives the best advice EVER!
you go girl!

Maxine Hodges said...

With all the traveling and places you go, you have to be in great shape. Love ya and you go girl!

suzi blu said...

Me too I want to mOve my body. and I love your jewelry! You can practice by making me one : D

Christine said...

That's great that you are going to start moving more again! I picture you just running to and fro all day everyday!!!

That neclace is gorgeous and I'm sure that she will love it!!!

MODERN Prairie Girl said...

I'm so glad you're making these decisions for yourself, Elena! I think you're one of the most creative women I know.

I need to come down out of this SLOP in Portland and walk the beach with you. That sounds heavenly.

Celeste said...

OMG That is the best!!!! I was not going to look but I did and that is just too cool. I can't wait. You are going to love what I did for you. I love it and when it gets here I will put it on and take pictures and post on the blog. Thanks

RollerScrapper said...

Nice work on the exercising, there must be something in the air because today is day 4 of my waking up early to exercise before work! You suzi and I should go rollerskate sometime!

Elena Lai Etcheverry said...

yeah! love the comments! thanks so much girlies!