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Friday, August 12, 2011

Sometimes I get inspired...

I had a nice cozy dinner with two lovely friends of mine, Cheryl Waters and Laura Bray....

Cheryl is a lead Fiskateer and that is how we met.  Laura and I met at a ZNE retreat a long time ago and then just kept running in to eachother and knew we had to become friends!  These women are both extremely talented and wise.  When I spend time with them, some of their wiseness rubs off on me.  I am a lucky girl and a happy people.

Cheryl brought gifties for us.  Here is what I call, her version of a "pig in a blanket".

I love it so much.  I know I am supposed to take it apart and make stuff with it, but I am not going to. Its perfect just like this!

and Laura made dinner and had gifts of course! She gave us a sneak peek of some yummy goodness she is designing and made another attempt at teaching me how to embroider! She said I am a natural and I had nice stitches :)  hee hee!  All I got to do was part of the hair but it was very relaxing and fun because we could chat and stitch and every once in a while Cheryl or I would say out loud, "oh no!" or other versions of that phrase :) as we would get a knot, or break a thread or whatever. It was challenging and fun!

and then I came home and got cracking on my dress forms for my next Outside The Book Club Quarterly Swap!
I cant for the life of me get this photo to upload right side up!!  darn blogger!! deep breath! I'm a happy people :)

I have room for a few more members if you want to join. Its so fun and this coming meeting, next weds Aug 17th. we have the awesome Tracy Weinzapfel from Helmar as my guest. She is a creating genius and...

she is bringing a fun make and take!  Can't wait! Click here to read the blog with more info on my groups. I do 2 each month!


Laura Bray said...


Thanks for the sweet post. I feel so lucky to have you and Cheryl as friends.

Cheryl ~ Fiskateer #002 said...

I feel the same ladies. Oh it's precious . . . your friendships . . . our talks . . . time together! Love it! I'm glad you like your 'pig in a blanket'. :)