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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I really want to do this!

Please help me spread the word.  Twice a year I get to LIVE Stream from the CHA tradeshows and I looooove it!!  This is a video from our first LIVE Stream of Marisa Pawelko and I. She cracks me up!

This year we even got to organize a flash mob for charity!

So for our 4th installment we are taking all the things we learned and making it amazing!!


We have changed the event a bit and made it free if you buy a raffle ticket to support:

They are an awesome no kill shelter run by my friend Bernie Berlin. I love being able to support grassroots charities that directly affect the greater good.  It feel so good to give.

SO THE DILEMMA IS... the sign ups are pretty slow so far and catch 22... I need sign ups to get sponsor's excited about supporting and people don't always want to sign up till they know who is sponsoring.  :) Plus it's not for a few months so people think they have plenty of time to sign up.

Such are the challenges of an Event Planner.

So.... I am asking my friends and supporters (that's you because you are reading my blog (smile)) to please help me spread the word.

We have an awesome blinkie:

Live from CHA 2012
Grab Blinkie Code:

I would really appreciate if you could add this to your blog, website, etc. and help spread the word about this super fun event!

The raffle ticket gets you 45 chances to win.  Each prize has a minimum value of $100!!

Thanks awesome friends and family for your support!

Doing the Happy People Dance!

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