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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tent Parties, Friends and Bacon

Anyone that knows me knows I love being with people.  I love being with my boyfriend and his adorable kids and I love cute little piggies and I love to eat them (bacon)

So when my friend Cheryl suggested we do our next Club TLC chat in a tent on the beach, I was so excited!  She sent me this photo first:
more images of this adorable shoot on the Bohemian Twilight Blog

And then I searched and found this:
On the Bohemian Treehouse Blog

And then we went to Miss Vicky's for her bday and we did this:

It took me back to when we were little kids and made forts all over the house just to sit under and play. It felt so safe in those little spaces and decorating was so much fun!

So we are going with the bohemian tent theme for our Booth and Summer CHA Tradeshow and we are going to have the most awesome awesome tent at Seaside Soiree!  Which is half full so hurry up if you want to come!