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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lost my blog groove

So I'm ready to start back on my blog. I miss it so much!!

So how is "it"?

is a divorce in the works. The filing is done, my whole life is packed in boxes in storage or scattered all over my little brother's house. (he has 3 bedrooms, I get 2) :)

is for all the right reasons. I know now that I am going to be ok and that Jean-Claude and I will be better people for having been married to each other and I will always wish him happiness and peace.

is still a long road ahead. I have to figure out where to live (can't take 2 of my lil' brother's rooms forever) I have to figure out how to pay myself, and I have to come to terms with the fact that in order to keep Scrapbook Royalty alive, I have to earn a living through it. This is the yuckiest "it" of all!

So, "it" is moving forward at it's own pace and I am at peace to live in the moment and I try to remember to live each day to it's fullest.

I am a happy people especially drinking my sugar free rockstar!

my new motto:

This is not about then, this is just about now.

for more "it" references visit this post... but it's a sad "it"...


Kat said...

"it's" not easy, but "it" will get better. Promise!

julie Haymaker thompson said...

Thats My girl!!! She is moving forward . "It" will all be Ok!! hugs Julie

Teri said...

I think you found your sparkle stash. Yae!