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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

As happy as I am.... and I am a Happy People.

As happy as I am, I still feel like a wounded bird.
My broken wing flaps but I can't fly.

The fear that grips me when I think of ever going to that "place" again, is debilitating.

The anxiety,
     the emptiness,
          the darkness,
               the sadness,
                     I just don't think I would survive this time.

And scared as I am, I have hope that someday I will let it go and be free.


Queen Ladybug said...

That's what your fairy friends are for...we will lift you up with our wings when you feel broken :)
You know what they can't soar like an eagle when you're surrounded by turkeys! lol
If there are any turkeys around, let's fix us some Thanksgiving dinner! ;)

Laura Bray said...

Having gone through a huge, life changing experience about six years ago, I understand your fear. But I have to say that it does get better. Every day you feel a little less scared and you begin to appreciate that, like a Phoenix-rising from the ashes, you were able to overcome that which you thought you wouldn't survive . This eventually gives you a feeling of great power.

RollerScrapper said...

You will and you will be stronger in the end. You are such a dynamic person, this will be just one of the tiny facets of your life. Like carbon forming into a diamond, you have to go through the heat and the pressure to form those many facets and sparkle at the end!

Gloria said...

ohh baby..
take it one step at a time. Maybe your trying to run a marathon and you should be trainng for a 5k..One thing at a time ok...Your an amazing beautiful soul thats love by many ..I love you tons my sweet friend..Ive got you...G