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Thursday, December 15, 2011

40 and still searching...

Well, I did it!  I turned 40 last week and it was a blast!  I have to say I got lots of advice about how the physical changes are hard but that the emotional and spiritual place is great.  I loved that.  The physical changes are hard.

I found a nice little grey hair yesterday. and pulled it thank you very much.  That makes 6 this year!  How many can I pull before I have to start dyeing it?

But besides all that, the parties were awesome. My Disney Birthday parade was great.  Santa Clause said happy birthday to me as he does every year :)  My family and friends were so generous.  I can't believe how lucky I am.

And the best advice I got?  was from my Yogi tea bag...


2012 HERE I COME!!!

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RollerScrapper said...

So glad you had a great birthday! When visiting my sister who has really strong lighting in her bathroom I discovered not one but two grey wiry hairs. I've found grey before, but it was always half grey, half black, like it was figuring out whether to turn grey and it was still regular soft hair consistency, but these were like witchy poo hairs, I joked that I should run off like speedy gonzales and lose my hair pins!