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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Did you see my couture?

noun /ko͞oˈto͝or/  /-ˈtYr/ 
coutures, plural
  1.  French word for dressmaking, it generally refers to extremely individual and unique hand-made garments.
 This is what 4 awesome designers made for me to wear for LIVE from CHA.

I am so flattered to be able to show off their creations....

Here are photos of Day One wings by Kendra Wiggins, White Dress by Stephanie Liu, Paper Dress by Candy Rosenberg

good shot of the amazing wings by Kendra Wiggins!

Bernie Berlin and Claudine Helmuth interview for A Place to Bark.  Bernie is willing to do ALMOST anything for her cause. Hence the doggie hat :)

Donna Salazar, Sherry Mendoza, Bernie Berlin and Claudine Helmuth all support Charity Wings and our efforts to raise money and awareness for great causes!

Jacqueline from Le Blanche is always a big hit of the show with her amazing demos! I love translating her German English for her! If you watch, you will know what I mean :)

Jim Scatena from FloraCraft was the first one to really support and get behind what we do. I will always be grateful!

Sharon from Prima showed us all the great stuff!  Here is a good shot of the paper dress.  I was only able to wear it for about an hour because I couldn't move in it! :)

This is what it looks like behind the scenes...

Steve and Cathie Mod Podge goodness!

King Sam from Le Blanche gets a new crown every show.

Designer Chat day one making funny faces!

 This is just day one and just a snippet of the amazing people and interviews we did.  I will post more in the coming days.  I am truly a super super Happy People!


Dawn's Craft Place said...

LOVE, LOVE the pictures, so much fun
Had a great time

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nice share

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