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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

If you feel like a good read....

I have to do this... I have to tell you...I want to be understood...

My job gives me Wings to Fly!
It's a whirlwind of emotion trying to raise money these days. I tell you every time I plan an event I ask myself, I say "self... :) are you going to spend hours and hours planning and marketing an event to just raise a few hundred dollars?"  Seriously, that is what happens a lot these days. And, when that happens it is such a blow because I AM GOOD AT THIS!!  I am a good fundraiser, I could go door to door in my neighborhood and raise a few hundred dollars in a couple of hours!  Really! Ask anyone! And I don't even live in a nice neighborhood...

I have been doing this for 8 years as a volunteer. Don't misunderstand... I LOVE WHAT I DO.  

I want to raise $5000 for A Place to Bark.
When I started the whole LIVE from CHA adventure 2 years ago.... I tried to add lots and lots to the event to make it all enticing for people to sign up.  Whew did I almost work myself and the volunteers to their graves! It was crazy.  The kitting, the videos, the ebay. Oh my! the amount of work that went into raising a couple thousand dollars was extraordinary.

But I thought to myself.  This is also to raise awareness for the charities, as well as for Charity Wings.  So its still a very good thing.

The next show we improved but still waaaay to much work for the amount of money raised...

The next show even better. but still... the money just was not coming in.  So this time we eliminated a lot of the work (kitting and ebay) and we stuck to prizes.  People love to win stuff.  So now we have all these amazing prizes  ($4500 worth) and a really fun LIVE show so what is missing?


Not to say there are not alot of sign ups, there are, but my goal was to raise $5000 for A Place to Bark though this amazing raffle and show. So back to the whirlwind of emotion. WE ARE ONLY 1/2 WAY THERE.  :( AND THE EVENT IS LESS THAN A WEEK AWAY.


I know people say its the economy.  THAT IS SUCH A LOAD OF C*#%! People spend money on what they want to spend money on. I totally get that and it is their right to choose where they want their dollars to go.  But it's not the economy.  You can walk into Starbucks any time of day and know that I am right.  There are thriving events out there. They are just not for CHARITY.

So here is what I want to leave you with...

The charities and organizations that help people/animals less fortunate than you and I need our help even more now. With the world tightening it's belt, charitable giving has been hit hard.  For so many their budgets and abilities to keep operations going have been cut dramatically.  AND THE NEED IS EVEN GREATER!

My friend Bernie Berlin runs a wonderful rescue called A Place to Bark.  They rescue all kinds of animals from puppy mills, hoarder dwellings, abandoned buildings and more.... They have a great need right now for supplies to take care of the animals, medical bills, and general maintenance.

I want to raise $5000 to help them.

Buy a raffle ticket for $10 or buy 5 raffle tickets for $20.  Even if you don't care a lick about crafting or winning a prize, I know you care about others and I KNOW YOU HAVE THE MONEY because you have a computer and are on the internet! HA!

You can be sure your money is going to help a creature that is truly in need.  3000 animals saved so far says it all.

Learn more about A Place to Bark here:

Thank you for reading and for your support :)

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