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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Don't tell me you can't. What you really mean is you won't.

Don't hate me for being frank. I'm not angry.  It's just another way to look at it... It's not meant to be a knock on people's ability to give, Its meant to be my perspective on the excuses people make.

I have a hard time with excuses. I mean, I get that they exist and that sometimes they are real and get in the way, but I really just have a hard time swallowing them sometimes.

Can't- hmmm... are you sure?

As in you can't afford _____________  but you will afford ___________.

I get it.  Money is tight. But when you stop to think about it, isn't it really just prioritizing/deciding where you want to spend your money?

I get it.  Most of us only have so much to spend.  We choose to spend it on the things that make us happy. On the things we want to spend it on and of course the things we need to spend it on. Whether or not we can afford it often times is not the deciding factor.

So "can't"?  Is that really what it is?

Maybe it's really "won't" or maybe "don't"

So for the people who do not have a choice and for the people who really need it.

I can, I will and I am grateful for others that have a hard time with excuses too.
It feels good to give.
I promise :)

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