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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

This little piggie

I feel like if I dont get a blog post up, I will explode!  I keep starting them and not publishing so here is just a quick story for a quick little giggle.

My brother and in the car and a guy walks by walking a little tiny mini pig. It was so cute!
Elena:"I want to have a pet pig someday!"
Eric:"They don't stay small and cute you know."
Elena:"That's ok, when they grow too big, we can eat him."
Eric:"You really think you are going to eat your pet pig?"
Elena:"Yes! I would eat him"
Eric:"Really Elena, you would eat a pig that was your pet?"

I don't think I could eat my pet pig, but I do love little piggies and I can't help it that they taste so good!


RollerScrapper said...

That little piggy looks so happy in your arms!

Cheryl Waters said...

Love the sweet pictures of you and the cute piggies!