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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Dear Artists, Crafters and Scrapbookers...

Dear Artists, Crafters and Scrapbookers,


A place where you can gather and be inspired regardless of what medium, technique, form, style or genre of creativity you choose.
A place where you can come alone and create with little interruption, or with friends and share and enjoy the company.
A place filled to the brim, with every kind of supply, tool, and technique readily available.
A place supported by The Community, Manufacturers, Designers and Artists that believe in sharing the gift of Art and Creativity.

Now imagine this place is not just for creating but also for giving.

This place brings together people from all walks of life, facing all kinds of adversity, from all over the world with one purpose...

...To experience the joy of exploring your creativity.

This is what I am trying to build for you. I can't do it alone.  But I can do it with an army of creative minds that believes in the mission and take a little time to help spread the word.

Spread the word.

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