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Friday, May 08, 2015

When Mother's Day approaches .

It is the day to honor my mother who is the pillar of decency, hard work, goodness, support, and love, and I admire and honor her everyday.

But every year around this time I get completely schizophrenic because this is the day that I have spent years wishing could be my day too. I posted about it a few years ago. And this year with my body changing because time stands still for noone, and the hope of having my own child come out of my own body going away (please do not write me about adoption please) I see that this day will never be one where my own child writes how much they love and respect me and how much I guided and loved them into the person that they are.

It's the little things that make us the craziest isn't it. I guess for me this is just the biggest thing.
If you want to know something about what it's like to be childless on mothers day click this link.

Thank you for reading and for your friendship and support. I know I am not alone.

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Karen Poirier-Brode said...

{Hugs}, Elena. You have a lovely Mother who is supportive of you. Focus on your love and celebration of her. Know that you have had a positive influence on a lot of children's lives and that may not be the same as being an actual mother but is a very valuable thing. Thank you.