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Friday, March 20, 2009

The Royal Slumber Crop

Its been an amazing month of craziness leading up to the event and now after the event I have been making trips to the Boys & Girls Club to bring the rest of the boxes back to my house then organizing the boxes and piles and piles of paperwork. My entire body hurts and my back has some spots that literally burn all the time. All worth it and all for great causes!

I have to admit, I bit off more than I could chew with this event. Scrapbook Royalty was growing like crazy and I got swept up in it. I didnt think about how much I was losing when Melanie went back to work and Liz moved to Northern California. And then some other key players that used to help were not able to do so. I just really didnt stop to add up what was missing. So even though the event went superbly well, I will not be doing that again! I learned some hard lessons:

  1. I am not a spring chicken.

  2. I have limits

  3. I have enough volunteers and friends to help for about 50 women

  4. I have lost focus on what I started Scrapbook Royalty for

So my focus will be redirected... I wanted to raise money and awareness for charities through scrapbooking and crafting events. This weekend I did exactly that but I also threw a huge party for 150 women. These women did exactly what I asked of them, they brought a minimum of $100 in donations and then helped me reach the goal of $20k raised. They did all I set out for them to do. So what's the problem? I need more. I put so much effort and energy and so much of me into this event and I need more. The friends and volunteers that worked so hard before, during and after the event need more. The charities need more. So from now on, there are going to be some changes. Wait till you see what I do to get more!

My mom and Godmother came to the event to support. I love them both so much!

This is the front room at 2:30 am when I left to go to bed.

left to right Bonnie-decorated the amazing bathrooms that some said were their fav thing about the event. JT- did all the grab bags for the flower picking among many many other things and won Queen of Sweets! Lisa- helped with pre-event stuff and donated an amazing doll house that sold for I thikn $250 that she made by hand! She won Queen of Crafts! I can't thank these amazing women enough!

Oh man, I cannot say enought of about Court Jester Nancy. She was so awesome and bought me a set of SBR towels that Jeannie and Jim donated. I love them so much! And she ran around in a Jester costume all day on Saturday. I loved it!

The last minute gems. These ladies signed up totally at the last minute and then volunteered to do a fairy fly by and make signs and raffle tins. They were seriously awesome!

If anyone can handle 150 hungry women, its Maryam, Gloria and Julie. I missed getting Julie in the picture but they handled all the food mishaps like royalty!

Here is a group shot from Sunday. Darn forgot to take it the night before!!! But here are most of them. It was amazing all these scrappers, and crafters gathering for noble causes! I am so proud!

I bought Krystie a tutu and she freaked out and wore it with me all day. She was an awesome fairy godmother and helped keep the vibe fun and energetic, despite being totally sick!
Well, suffice it to say, I can't do this alone. I can't even do it with all the people I had volunteering, so the event is going to change. Just keep an eye out and watch what I do!!!

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euphoria said...

love the pics- this event rocked- thanks for letting me be a part of it!

Whenever you need help with anything, you can always call me!! You have my #!