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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Scrap Retreat House Review

I just got back from the Scrap Retreat House in French Valley. I went with 5 volunteers from SBR for a well deserved weekend of fun, rest and bonding. Well, not much rest but tons of the other two.

This was the Scrap Retreat House's first weekend. So for a first run it was fabulous!

The house is beautifully decorated and big! I dont know how many sq ft but it was spacious. it sleeps 12-14 with twin beds. Here is Queen Dawn sleeping with her Tiara perched on ther breathing machine. It was a sight! and made a nice white noise for us while she slept :)

Hardwood floors throughout, i think i was laminate but beautiful.

tons of cricut cartridges, a cricut of course, cuttle bug, accucut, big shot, tons of stamps and ink pads, ribbon, computer, I dont remember what else. But I am sure she will be adding to it. I heard that Scrap inn has lots of tools but I would think she probably aquired them over time right? She had a bookshelf with idea books and some of her art on display. She is an amazing artist. I would liken her to Donna Salazar's style.

Everyone has 6 feet of table space and the chairs were comfy.

Its a brand new place and she is totally aiming to please. Everything we thought of that she did not have, we put on a list and on Saturday the few requests we came up with, she went out and bought right then and there. It was just a few things like there weren't enough towel hooks and we thought there should be more trashcans in the rooms etc... She was very very nice and I would definitely recommend this place.

We played the page pass game late on Saturday night. I printed a photo of all of us

and we each started a page. Then every 10 minutes we passed to the right and here is what I ended up with. It was really fun!

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Jennifer Priest said...

Awww I hope we can do it again and I can make it this time. So glad you guys had a great time!