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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Running Around like a Fairy on Sugar Free Rock Star!!

That's me! Running around crazy! I have to make friends hang out with me so I can force myself

to take a break!

I have to say Happy Birthday to Mon Amie Melanie! Happy Happy Day Mela!

Here's some photos of the fun life of a traveling princess!

My book club tag swap is due and here are my cute tags:

I stitched and cut out felt and played!

Here is a blinged pig from Neiman Marcus that I want to buy someday with my lotto winnings!

Here's Krystie and I shopping the mean streets of LA looking for deals for Pink Pineapple and Scrapbook Royalty

and Krystie with the perfect dress for me :) that has a sign on it that says "Do not touch... Thank you, Cinderella" We laughed our butts off when we finally read the sign. She was all over that poor dress!

And Krystie shopping for her perfect dress


and Teri and I with Debra Norville at CHA. Teri cracked me up and just about killed Krystie when she confessed she did not know who that lady was we were taking pictures with!! Love it!!!


euphoria said...

Looks like you had a blast!!!

Love the blingged piggy, but your tags are SOOOO cute!!!

Careful when you crash from your Rock Star... thats tha part that sucks! LOL :o)

Gina2424 said...

Helloooo....where's my cute little Elena paper doll (with apron)? :)