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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Celebrate! the test came back negative!!

Its been weird. About 3 weeks ago my mom nonchalantly tells me and my brother that they found a lump in her breats and she has to get a biopsy to check it. Total shock. I mean total. We talked about it just a little bit then didn't. Jean-Claude wasn't there when she told us and I wanted to tell him that night but I just couldnt do it. Every time I tried, I feet the stinging behind my eyes. I feel it now. She had the test on Monday. My brother, Stepdad and Me waited in the waiting room for her to have it done. I know it is silly but I just wanted her to know I was there. Then she came out all smiles and we went and had lunch but the whole time, those stinging tears were on the verge. I was thinking selfishly of myself a little too. Like what would it mean if she really had cancer. I am a carbon copy of her. And it scared the crap out of me.

But I am happy.

She got the results and she is fine. Negative. They will check it again next year. So for another year at least, I am a happy people again.



euphoria said...

Wow- glad to hear the test results are negative! What a relief!!

Hope u are well! I'm gonna email you later tonight... I have some questions about the pillows

Melissa Kennedy said...

So glad for you and your family the results were good.
thinking of you

jackieb said...

I know that stinging in the eyes...I told my niece the other day a Mother is a powerful thing. We love them, sometimes dislike them but you are connected to your Mother in a way no one else can be.

I am glad that tests were negative and you can breathe a sigh of relief.

I'm a happy people for you :}

Carrie said...

Love to hear good news! So happy for you :)

Gloria said...

yeah....I am appy to hear that she is ok. Good news is always welcome...LOL G

Just call me Silly Sal said...

"Thank you, Jesus!"