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Sunday, February 15, 2009

It's been a little busy..

I am off to an event at Pink Pineapple, Jennifer is teaching her owl book as part of the Royalty on the Road tour. I will be bringing fairy fly bys and goody bags for each participant. I hope we raise some good money for the Cancer Coping Center today!

My Luncheon at Summers Past Farms.

I wanted to raise the rest of the money to pay off the attny fees for the 501c3 so with Kat's help, I held a very special luncheon for 12 ladies on Thursday. the invitations were the first indication of how special it was going to be... They are in the post below. And here are some photos of the event. Kat and I transformed this.... (i had already added thes streamers when I took this photo)

into this....

Unfortunately it started raining as soon as Kat and I got there and we had to move everything inside but it worked out fine. It was just a lot of hauling stuff up the stairs in little heels that just about killed me!

First we had a little tea and sweets

Here are some of the goodies I had for them to take home. Inside that little box are flower shaped and laser etched buttons that I found in my favorite notions store in LA. They will be going in my book club kits as well!

Since we had to do lunch inside, we set up at thier seats. They were making the little owl book by Jennifer Priest. Thank God for Jennifer since my original plan to have Michelle Hill provide the kits fell through last minute. Jennifer's book is amazing and they ladies loved it! They got to keep the little lace food umbrellas. Another great find! And they got to keep the little pillows on the chairs which they all loved!
here is everyone toasting with Martinelli's my fav!

And here I am teaching the fun little owl book by Jennifer. It was adorable. Thank you Jennifer. You are amazing and as usual generous beyond anyone's expectations!

So thank you to Debby, Maryam, Birgitte, Sally, Gloria, Anita and Georgia for coming to the luncheon. I had a great time and loved spending time with you all. Thank you to Krystie, Diana and Sandy who were coming but didn't make it for one reason or another but still supported the event. and most of all, thank you to Kat who helped me all day! I could not have done this without her! And now we are officially a 501(c)(3) and paid off and I am so thrilled to have that off my todo list!


Just call me Silly Sal said...

Had a great time, Elena. Everyone was so nice and so much fun. You out did yourself.
Silly Sal

euphoria said...

Hi Elena,

It was so GREAT to meet you at the "crush on pink" crop! thanks for taking a photo w/ me! Seriouslly, you need to autograph it! :o) See ya at the next crop- CANT WAIT!!

Jennifer Priest said...

Thanks for all the thanks Elena! Glad they liked the kits and that I was able to get them to the PO in time.