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Friday, February 06, 2009

Invites all sent!

"To the Fairest of them all. Please join me for a creativity luncheon ball..."

this is the first line of the invitation that I sent out in these cute boxes.

I am having a fabulous luncheon next Thursday 10 am till 4 pm at Summers Past Farms. I am so excited! It is for 12 lucky ladies who will each be donating $200 to Scrapbook Royalty to help me pay for the lawyer fees for the 501(c)(3). Im so glad we got it but it was really expensive. So weird that it costs so much to become a charity!!!

I am doing it up big time. Inside this box is a pretty invitation and godiva chocolate! Michelle Hill, the most amazing designer and a super supporter of Scrapbook Royalty is doing a really cute class. Well, I am going to teach it but she is designing and making kits for me! She is so awesome! I am also doing a fabulous lunch and some very special gifties fit for Royalty!

I might have room for more people if you are interested in joining me! Please email me! I would love to have you! I didn't know who to ask really, it was kind of awkward. I mean I know times are tough and it is on a weekday during the day so... If I didn't invite you, please dont be offended. I just didn't know who would be interested in coming :)

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geogems said...

Hey you,

You should have asked me about are the ULTIMATE evangalist!!!! What beautiful work you do...hey, I didn't get a kit for CHA...Love ya, geo You're up pretty late...