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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Operation Showers of Appreciation

Saturday was another lovely SBR event!

This time for Operation Showers of Appreciation. A non-profit strated by Kimberly Felshaw and her husband in honor of their daughter that passed away after only 3 weeks of being on this planet. They host baby showers and help pregnant miliary families with supplies to get them started. What a huge service they do and what a courageous journey to take in memory of someone special. Just like SBR Their charity has grown so fast and the demands are high. They need money to help sustain what they do. Right now you can help and possibly win something very cool!


The event on Saturday raised about $1300 and we are hoping to raise more! Jessica Prosper made a beautiful "Dick and Jane" Quilt and as generously donated it for us to raffle off. You can buy tickets for just $5 each or 6 for $20 here:

Here are some fun photos from Saturday's event. Even though it was a small event, we had such a good time!

we played tiara bingo and here are out winners- Liz and Garnette!

seriously so funny! we were trying to cut out stars. they are soooo not cute!

I gave Leah one of my flowers as a thank you for teaching an awesome class!!

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danette said...

That really was a fun time. Sorry I couldn't stay for the whole event to play Tiara bingo and have fun with the Fairy Fly Bys. I think you should have made Leah dress as the fairy seeing as how the little girls where missing this time. By the way ....did lLeah ever find out when the airing is going to be for the enfomerchal she had to go and do?