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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Happy Birthday "King" Jesse

Life goes on and on... and isn't it fun to have good friends to have it go on and on with!

It was the lovely "King" Jesse's Birthday last week and we went to a neat bar called "Vin De Syrah" in downtown San Diego. Jesse got a booth and invited a bunch of her friends. The place is really neat. Alice in Wonderland Themed. When you get there you walk downstairs "down the rabbit hole" and then have to find your way in while the people inside are watching you are camera try the wrong door and standing there bewildered. The door is hidden and you have to figure it out. "drink me, eat me" ha ha. Well, we finally got in and people cheered and laughed. Although it didn't take us more than 1 minute but im sure it was funny to watch...

Here is a picture of Jesse and I. I just love this girl. She has been an awesome friend and I have known her since she was just a little high schooler and what an amazing woman she has become. She helps at all the Scrapbook Royalty events. Even the ones that bring her to tears. She visited me when I was living in Taiwan, and she was there for me in one of my darkest times. I will always cherish my friendship with her. We had so much fun celebrating. We never did find a sharpie to draw on her fake mustache. She is addicted to them, not sure exactly why but then again, she is "King" Jesse!

Jesse invited Albert as well. Who doesn't love this guy? (YES, he is probably holding me up. We had a $300 bar tab to spend to get the booth!) He has been such a great friend and so dedicated to helping me with the website. I am so grateful for the amazing support of my family and friends these past few months. There were so many days I couldn't imagine getting through and I can't believe I did.


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