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Thursday, April 08, 2010


I promised Albert that when the website launched i would go with him to see Craig Ferguson. I did chain him to the computer for 2 weeks working like a volunteer slave most nights till 4 or 5 finish it all. There were so many problems with the website. We had to move hosts 3 days before the launch and seriously it was just one problem and one bug after another! but its done and for the most part works amazing! I am so grateful that Albert really dedicated himself to this and took ownership of it. So many people have good intentions when it comes to volunteering but it is WORK and it is unpaid and it does get pushed to the bottom of the priority list and i get that... But! thank gof for Albert. He is a truly wonderful amazing person and i am so lucky to have him as a friend.

So, yesterday was the day so off to LA we went. It was fun but there was just one problem. We did not get in!! albert was so disappointed. We had tickets but we still didnt get in. Lame. Albert said they lost a fan but i bet he still watches the show :)

albert took some photos of us walking around LA. I swear he must be part Asian. he took pictures like and Asian tourist!

i will post them when he sends them so you can put a face to the name. and thank him when you see him at an event :) hee hee!

now back to work! Im so techie! i have my laptop plugged in and wireless card and yes Albert is driving and I am working!

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