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Monday, April 12, 2010

Today is significant

or is it? It would have been my 7 year wedding anniversary and yes, I guess that is significant. I posted on my other blog about it. If you've never found that other blog, it is at the bottom of this blog on the right column.

So... today is significant. I don't know what I feel about it but I know that I am still doing the right thing and on the right path...


julie Haymaker thompson said...

Dates are tough. April is even tough for me as today is the day my brother died and the 8th of april was the day my husband died .Anyway on to brighter things .I spend a lot of time today looking over the new web site How exciting it is growing Right along with you dear. I would love ot do the stempunk clips when, where and for what cause ??? Just email me the details

Jennifer Priest said...

Keep your head up! It's only a significant day if you let it be one. Maybe do something for yourself on this day, like buy something new to remind you that new things are ahead ;)