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Thursday, September 06, 2012

U B U. This is my new favorite

So I really get things stuck in my head. Don't you? 

If you know me at all, you know I am a HAPPY PEOPLE.  This came about several years ago when my friend Brooke called me and said she heard on the radio a list of ten things Happy People do.  I was like, "I'm a Happy People!" and Brooke said she was too. So that is what we set out to be.  Now, this was a tough time in both our lives. Crappy relationships and such but through it all, we just kept remembering that we are Happy People.

So now, I was at a neighborhood party with a dear sweet friend Rachel and her daughter showed up wearing a figure skating/gymnast/synchronized swimming/baton twirler/who knows what else outfit.  She is a super cute little girl so it just worked and Rachel said, "I saw her leaving the house wearing this and I just said, you go girl.  You be You."

So that is my new thing. 

You Be You.

Or U.B.U.

In fact, there is a whole bunch that has spawned off of this....

  • U.B.U.2
  • MeBMe3
  • WeBWe3
  • HeBHe4
I know the numbers dont make sense, they are kind of a funny we went with!  But anyway.

Smile, be a Happy People and U.B.U.!

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