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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

A Story of Buttons

I went to Brave Girls Symposium last week planning to do exactly what I do at every event, be Elena from Charity Wings and talk to people about my charity. As I was packing, I realized that I actually would really love to be there as just Elena. So for the first time in a very long time. I packed my suitcase without wings, without outfits that would make people "see me", without even business cards, and took off for Boise.
What I didn't realize I had packed was what I have not been able to unpack in years: Fear, Anxiety, Jealousy, Shame, and a host of other things that women carry around.
So off I went with my luggage and a smile, to what would be a life changing event. This post is just about the buttons but I am going to post about my journey and I am going to share, because that is who I am, and those that can must, but let me preface here that I have been at the edge of "I can't do this, this way anymore" for a few months now. And have done a ton of soul searching and self reflecting in the process. So being at Brave Girl Symposium was just literally exactly what I needed to push me off the edge and allow me to take a leap into the light that I absolutely needed to take
But this life changing experience will come out of me onto my computer in parts and this is just page one of the story....
Page 1: (the easiest to share) "Did I give you a button yet?"
I think I might have become known as the girl with the buttons at Brave Girl Symposium. I walked around handing these out to everyone I could, even guests and employees at the hotel. My friends (many of them new) would walk behind me and just laugh and smile as I did "my thing" and ask every person, " Did I give you a button yet?" By the end of the event, lots of them replied, "Yes and I love it." or "Yes, I am saving it for my daughter or friend." And I would offer them another button and say, "Then you get a bonus button!" It was so fun. I was just handing out buttons, being ME!!
These buttons were a gift in so many ways!! They were a gift from the amazing artists that donated their artwork and allowed me to make buttons out of it. They were a gift to the beautiful souls that I got to meet and give a little gift to. Some people asked me if it was my artwork, and I shared that they were original artwork donated to Charity Wings by amazing artists from all over the world. It was nice. I would say, "you can look me up if you like" if they asked more about them but basically, what these buttons and these amazing women who let me share their artwork did was allow me to be Elena and do the things I love, meet people, give gifts, and make people smile. It was a perfect fit as far as small steps go. I still got to be me.
I did talk about what I do to people that I got to know better. Like my new Council, The "Cookoo Clud."
-Reserve that for another post :) but mostly, I just gave away little gifts that make people smile and feel special.
I went to this event with a plan to open my heart to change. As I started to let down the #crazycharitygirl veil that I hide behind every day, I think I let people see part of the real me for the first time in a long time.
So I have a new hashtag for this part of my journey through this amazing charmed life.
Here we go!


Sheila Goldsberry said...

I love you lady and I love that you kept trying to pull me in. I love you for being you and allowing you to be your true self. You are one of the kindest, most loving, most giving people I know. I love that you can go into the unknown and come out with a new council. I admire that...and am trying to emulate that it just takes me longer and it's always nice to know there is safety under your wings.

And We Sailed On said...

I love this so much. My daughter ended up with a button and we wondered where it came from!!! Now i can tell her from beautiful elena!

Charity Wings said...

I am under YOUR wing Sheila. You give me strength with your friendship and always have. you are in my council too of course!

Sheila Goldsberry said...

Always "Changed for the better...for knowing you."

Sarah Fravel said...

I really can't wait to see what the next posts will be as you journey on #findingelena !!! BTW I will be in your neck of the woods July 17th to 20th. We MUST catch up!!

Talking in Memphis said...

I didn't get a button but I had the great joy off meeting you and having great fun with you. We have so many friends in common whom we dearly love that it was a great pleasure to finally meet you! I look forward to working with you and to having some girl fun with you in the future! BYW I collect buttons- lol

Anonymous said...

Beautiful girl...beautiful brave girl. XOXO

Angela Barribeau said...

Love my button from you, and now I love it even MORE! Thank you!!!!!!! xoxoxoxo Love ya! Angela

Lura said...

I have been blessed by your love and friendship from the very first time I met you. You have given me so much happiness in my life.....time for YOU to find your happiness. Your true happiness finally just for YOU, not everyone else lucky enough to have you in their lives. I love you always and go make that dream come true!!!! <3 YOU